Green Wedge

Green Wedge




  • Gauging the mobilisation potential of online detractors of the European Green Deal, and more generally of climate policies in seven European countries (France, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Czech Republic).
  • Studying the initial perceptions and reactions to the EGD, in an effort to bring the main areas of dissent to light, as well as the risks faced by environmental ambitions shared by European and national elected officials.


  • Cross-platform, large-scale data collection
  • Algorithmic ranking (acceleration and quotation rates)
  • Semiotic qualitative analysis conducted by experts from the relevant countries


  • Analysis of the public opinion trends regarding environmental matters
  • Detection of the various perception gaps between the institutional, political, economical and social spheres
  • Mapping the active communities and the leading climate activists in each country
  • Dynamic analysis of the cultural counter-narratives surrounding the implementation of the European climate policy
  • Alerting to the risks posed by public opinions