Modeling the neurchisphère

Modeling the neurchisphère


May 2022

Investigating the emergence and impact of "neurchis", a French-language meme ecosystem on Facebook, on political communication and cultural exchanges.


  • Analyzing the French-language meme ecosystem as a whole using automated analysis methods
  • Understanding and tracing the development of a community culture through memes and their metadata
  • Developing new observation instruments to study and catalog derived and divergent versions of memes


  • Collecting memes from emblematic groups within the "neurchisphere" (Neurchi de memes extra-muros, Neurchi de memes d'actualité, Neurchibald...), including associated metadata
  • Employing hybrid analysis methodology based on computational humanities, cultural analytics, and information and communication sciences to study the meme corpus
  • Development of a visual virality detection tool in order to identify successive versions of a meme


  • A comprehensive analysis of the French-language meme ecosystem and its role in political communication and cultural ecosystem
  • Automated detection of the most popular memes and their derived versions, enabling a better understanding of community culture
  • Creation of a meme catalog and its derived versions to facilitate the study and preservation of this new form of communication