Narratives Barometer

Narratives Barometer

In the age of the internet, ideas and mobilizations are birthed and nurtured online. Coalescing into cohesive narratives, these essential units help us comprehend the flow and dynamics of public opinion. Our approach is to track these narratives from their inception to their peak, from crystallization to conflict.

In a world where narratives are constantly summoned, they are rarely made objective or quantified. That's where our methodology comes in.

Usage and applications

    Employing a reliable and stable measure to track public opinion trends
    Establishing a benchmark to discern what captivates and engages the digital public sphere, from niche subjects to mainstream major trends
    Identifying emerging narratives with the potential to influence societal, political, and media agenda


  • Multi-platform and cross-platform data collection
  • Semantic mapping of conversation topics using the BERT language model, trained by our analysts
  • Application of an annotated model of key conversation topics to large volumes of data, continually updated using our open-source tool, BERTransfer
  • Creation of discourse units driven by consistent communities, capable of being monitored and compared