COP 26 on social media

COP 26 on social media


November 2021


  • Identifying the threats to the legitimacy and citizen support of the multilateral COP26 process through an in-depth study of the relevant narratives and alternative public discussion spaces
  • Understanding the changes undergone by the COP brand in the public debate and its impact on the international negotiations regarding climate policies


  • Real-time tracking of the transformations and impact of the narratives, communities and leaders Solutions
  • Multiplatform and crossmedia data collection and analysis (Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, YouTube, TikTok, Wikipedia, international press)
  • Daily briefings geared towards the elected officials present at COP26 negotiations
  • Performance evaluation of the narratives
  • Monitoring of the "on" scene of the event, i.e., its institutional and media spheres
  • Identification and monitoring of its "off" scene, i.e., the dissident voices appearing in the wake of the event (activists, detractors...)


  • Evaluating the "hijacking" of the COP26 by "grassroots" activists, regarding both its popularity and its legitimacy; describing the way these emerging activists force their agenda and narratives onto the digital public space
  • Measuring the impact of the "off" scene on the way the event is perceived
  • Analysis of the image degradation of the COP in the public opinion in comparison with the previous editions