Opinion Journey

Opinion Journey

From the emergence of digital signals to public opinion: by combining AI-assisted social listening with representative surveys enriched with ideological cluster segmentation, we study the dissemination and penetration potential of emerging narratives and significant weak signals detected online among the French public opinion.

Our hybrid methodology enables tracking the emergence and spread of narratives in near-real-time to anticipate their broader penetration into public opinion. Through continuous monitoring, it becomes possible to produce a stable and unprecedented barometer of medium and long-term opinion dynamics, identifying fault lines or new political, cultural, and social consensus.

Usage and applications

    Identifying emerging narratives with community resonance and distinguishing between "manufactured" opinion phenomena and grassroots mobilizations
    Accurately measuring trend penetration, their exclusively community-driven nature, or their ecumenical power
    Leveraging a stable, long-term database to contextualize trends
    Testing real-time narratives and mobilizations to determine the right levers to activate: communities to consider, leaders to contact, and language elements to deploy
    Predicting narrative perception evolutions, anticipating popularity accelerations, and potential opinion tipping points to govern more effectively


  • Collecting expressions from target conversations across multiple platforms
  • Mapping conversation themes and identifying narratives with accelerating popularity
  • Mapping communities focusing on new debate topics and detecting their rallying themes and slogans
  • Conducting controlled surveys with representative panels to identify narrative adherence rates and the notoriety of personalities disseminating them
  • Analyzing poll results in light of political science data on adherence within each of the 16 clusters